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Xray counting machine application

Time:2022-02-17 Views:157
Principle of traditional dosing machine:

It adopts the principle of photoelectric sensing, and uses the corresponding relationship between the guide
hole of the part carrier tape and the part to accurately measure the number of SMD parts, especially for the
delivery of materials in outbound processing.

The working principle of X-RAY intelligent pointing machine:

The X-RAY pointing machine of Dinghua Technology adopts the synchronous movement of the upper detector
and the lower light pipe, and the stage adopts a fixed structure, which can place LED light strips and PCB circuit
boards with a maximum length and width of 1000*600mm. Lamp beads, points, holes, etc. at any position
within the range of this platform can be effectively detected.

Comparison between X-RAY intelligent pointing machine and traditional pointing machine:

The traditional spotting machine has a slow spotting speed, and the accuracy rate is much lower than that of the
X-RAY intelligent spotting machine, and the labor cost is high.

In contrast, Dinghua Technology‘s X-RAY intelligent pointing machine not only has low labor cost, fast pointing speed,
and high pointing accuracy, but also can work and run 24 hours a day. It is simple and convenient to operate. It can
complete the workload of 6~8 operators in the traditional dosing machine.