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Temperature profile set methods for a BGA rework station

Time:2022-10-10 Views:24
1. The preheating of the BGA rework machine.

It consists of heating the entire PCBa below the melting point of the solder and the reflow temperature.
This can significantly reduce the risk of thermal shock to the substrate and its components.
Its temperature can be set 100~150℃, set 2~5 sections, and every section takes 30~50s, total time not
more than 300s.

2. Constant temperature set .
Upper hot-air, lower hot-air and IR preheating need to set constant temperatures and constant times.
Upper hot-air and lower hot-air can be set same quantity of sections and same constant times.

3. Heating of BGA rework station,
IR preheating is to make moisture dried, upper hot-air and lower hot-air can be generally set 5 to 8 sections,
and upper hot-air needs 1 and 2 sections to set temperatures not more than 180
℃ for about 50s, which can
melt flux paste firstly then prevent soldering ball from being 
oxidized when soldering at the fifth section.

Lower hot-air is to keep chip‘s inside temperature not decreased,so its temperature needs to be set same as
upper hot-air temperatures or little bit higher than it.

Generally, upper hot-air and lower hot-air set first section as 100℃/30s, 2nd section as 150℃/50s, 3rd sections 200℃/40s,
4th section as 240℃/30s, 5th sections 270℃/40s. well you may say the melting point for lead-free is 235~245
and lead is 210~220℃, it‘s right, but you know the soldering ball is underneath a chip, as the temperatures are higher 
245℃ above the chip, then the temperature to soldering ball can be at 245℃. This is why the temperature of IR preheating 
temperature set as 100~150
℃, as we all know the water will gradually dry when temperature is at 100℃ or higher.

4. Reflow process for the BGA rework station 
As our BGA rework machine has 8 sections, we suggest you set 1 section or 2 sections for reflowing, generally, the reflow
temperatures can not be higher than its preheating temperature 100~150℃, which can prevent chip and PCBa from being 
deformed or solder ball cooling not even .

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