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The components of the printed circuit board are smaller and lighter and thinner

Time:2021-05-10 Views:1136
These technologies appear in the process of making the size of the box and the components of the printed circuit board smaller, lighter and thinner.
The electronics industry has made great strides in miniaturizing components. The area network box is an area where miniaturization occurs at an
exciting rate. The lost packet ball grid array (BGA) is converted to chip-level (CSP) packets, and then to CSP wafer-level (WLCSP).

In order to further reduce the area on the printed circuit board and improve signal integrity, the CSP stack has been developed and is currently used
in some companies‘ products. This technique is commonly referred to as Sober Packet (POP).

With the need for further miniaturization, chipsets such as chip on board (COB) and flip chip (FC) are combined with traditional surface mount techno-
logy (SMT) assembly, and the demand is great. By removing the overmolding material from the package, the surface area of ​​the component can be
further reduced.

Other miniaturization areas exist in passive chip components, such as 01005 and 008004. 01005 is a component with a size of 0.016"x 0.008" (0.4mm
x 0.2mm metric), and 008004 is 0.008"x" (0.000) 0.25mm x 0.125 mm (metric) components. Some companies started the research and development of
01005 components around 2008, and the development enabled them to support our key customers in the mass production of 01005 components. In or-
der to keep up with the trend of miniaturization, the next generation of 008004 components is currently being developed to meet customer needs in the
near future.

In addition to the ability to miniaturize the housing, some empres have also developed a process for complex and high-density printed circuit boards with
cavities to reduce the overall thickness of the final product. The cavity will reduce the effective height of CSP, POP and COB.

In general, some companies are very active in developing advanced technologies to meet the challenges of miniaturization while significantly reducing pa-
ckage size. Currently, only several factories that produce products that use 01005 chips, CSP, POP, and COB.

In order to face new challenges, we also dive to research and develop New BGA machine for the thiner and smaller chip reworking. 
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