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International Day

Time:2024-04-28 Views:344
Happy Labor Day to all our hardworking employees in China and around the globe! In honor of all of people working hard,
Dinghua Technology will be taking a 5-day break. As a leading manufacturer of advanced technology solutions including
auto soldering machines, x-ray inspection machines, BGA repair systems, and x-ray counter machines, we understand the
value of hard work and dedication. We believe that this break will allow our employees to recharge and return to work with
even more drive and commitment. Once again, happy Labor Day from the team at Dinghua Technology!

During the period from May 1st to 7th, if you have any question, please just contact our after-sales engineer:
John/WhatsApp/VK/Wechat/Mob:+86 157 6811 4827. 
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