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The holiday of Tomb Sweeping Day

Time:2024-04-01 Views:78
Qingming festival is a traditional Chinese festival that usually falls on April 4th or 5th of each year,
it is a time for Chinese people to honor their ancestors or martyrs by cleaning their graves, offering 
sacrifices, and participating in various culture activities, such as, to kowtou to ancestors and martyrs,
to burn a special money which will be spent by people who die and so on. 

We,  a manufacturer of BGA rework station, Xray counting machine, Xray inspection machine
and automation equipments, are a company that respects our traditional cultures and our staffs
and obey Chinese relevant laws, deciding to arrange our holiday accoring to the state council‘s
order and our actual conditions:

To have 4 days off from April 4th to 7th, and no make-up workday for April 7th. 

During the festival, if you have an inquiry and sale-after questions, please contact 
John by WhatsApp/Wechat/VK/Mob:+8615768114827 anytime. 
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