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Xray counting machine DHKC-S600

Product Name: xray counting machine 
Product model: DHKC-S600
Product size: 1440*890*1930mm
Product advantages: Dinghua offline intelligent spotting machine DH-XC3200 The latest model
combines the advantages of the old X-RAY spotting machine, improves its appearance design,
makes it more convenient for you to use, and can quickly count reel materials in the SMT industry.
The new X-RAY point feeder can point multi-reel reel material, bulk mat

    The latest DHKC-S600 counting machine integrates the advantages of the old X-RAY counting machine, improving its appearance design,
    and makes it more convenient for you to use. The new X-RAY 
    counting machine for fast counting of reel materials in the SMT industry can
    point more Coiled material, bulk material, random material, desiccant covering material...

    This equipment is for material counting of resistance-capacitance materials and IC materials in the electronic industry. X-RAY plate counting
    machine is a patented product designed based on X-RAY technology combined with machine vision image technologyand automation technology.
    Points and automatic unloading improve the management accuracy and efficiency for the production department,
    and greatly save labor costs.

    The operating software of the X-RAY plate counting machine is rich in functions and easy to learn. The software automatically judges and counts
    images according to the product type; at the same time, you can choose to manually or automatically save the material type, counting result, detection
    time, scan times and other data to the machine Database; can provide data query function; and provide functions such as manual saving of product images.
    The product protection structure follows GBZ117-2015 "Industrial X-ray Flaw Detection Radiation Health Protection Standard" and GB/T18871-2002 "Basic
    Standard for Ionizing Radiation Protection and Radiation Source Safety".

    Product Features
    ①Using the industry‘s largest flat-panel X-ray imager, with a large imaging range, high precision and fast speed;

    ②Integrated high-frequency X-ray generator, fully enclosed design, intelligent management, safe and durable, reducing equipment loss and failure;

    ③Barcode gun to read barcode;

    ④Local database storage, real-time data can be uploaded to the factory REP software;

    ⑤Automatic fluoroscopic imaging, automatic analysis of automatic points;

    ⑥Double safety insurance, closed protective cabinet, the X-ray radiation outside the cabinet is close to the natural background radiation;

    ⑦No operating console, the device is equipped with a touch industrial display to save space;

    ⑧Save 5~6 people in labor.

    Features and Benefits
    Function Advantages

    Automatic off / on x-ray light tube


    The accuracy rate can reach 99.99%

    Automatic feeding

    Only 9-12s to complete the counting material

    Support multiple disks counting at the same time Closed cabinet design, safe and reliable
    Automatic Analysis Automatic counting

    Support up to 4 trays of 7-inch materials to be counted at the same time,
    and a single tray of 17-inch materials
    Automatically scan one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code Support random material, bulk material, multi-disk material inventory
    Inductive printing of material labels Independent research and development of AI material ordering algorithm,
    developed according to user needs
    Data can be saved locally and automatically uploaded to the
    EMS system

    Save labor for 5-7 people

    Function Introduction

    Independent research and development of AI intelligent X-RAY sorting algorithm

    Humanized function of super strong experience sense

    The outter shape Design of Intelligent X-RAY Dispenser

    10,000+ material types can be ordered, and new material calculation models are constantly learning and building

    Automatically scan and read one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code

    430*430mm stage, can order four trays of 7-inch materials at the same time

    Inductive automatic printing of material labels

    The bottom hollow design makes it easier for the operator to stretch the legs

    Multi-disk material, bulk material, random material, desiccant blocking material

    Automatic on / off x-ray light tubes, greatly utilizing them

    The bottom hollow design makes it easier for the operator to stretch the legs

    Pointing speed 9-12S, (Chip 0105) accuracy up to 99.99%

    Local data storage, real-time data can be uploaded to the factory ERP software to connect to the EMS system

    Embedded display adds a touch of beauty to the device

    Technical parameter



    X-ray Light tube type

    closed type

    Spatial division ratio


    Light tube voltage

    50kv(actual 80kv,limited 50KV)

    Light tube current


    Point material speed

    9-12 S /tray(CHIP 0402)

    Accuracy rate

    99.99%(0201 for instance)

    Maximum diameter of the available material plate


    Inspectable maximum material plate height


    imaging precision


    Imaging size


     resolution rate


    Machine size(L*W*H)


    machine weight


    operating system

    WINDOWS 10

    Power-supply/Rated power

    AC110-220V50-60HZ 1200W

    Radiation safety test

    <1 uSV/H

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