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DH-X8 Xray PCBa inspection machine

1. High-resolution imaging: X-ray detectors can produce an image of the product with very high resolution  
    which means it can detect small defects and foreign materials. This is critical in the manufacture of high-
    precision, high-quality products, such as PCBA electronic components and die casting parts.
2. Fast Testing: It is not possible or inconvenient to online test products in this X-ray non-destructive testing
    machine, as fast as 30 seconds to detect product defects.
3. Multi-function: X-ray detector not only can detect defects and foreign materials, but also can measure dimensions.
    This makes the field of semiconductor and telecommunications industry greatly improve product quality and work
    * Detect defects below 5 microns
    * Easy maintenance and long service life
    * Simple operation, reducing operator training
    * Fast pass/fail product inspection
    * High repeatability of detection
    * Allow a maximum viewing angle of 60~120 degrees to detect samples

    Functions and advantages


    CNC program: automatic batch detection of different positions of samples

    Array function: automatic batch detection of samples without putting into/out and the same spacing

    Bubble measurement: one-click measurement of bubble size and void ratio

    Length and width measurement: measure the length and width of part of the detection area

    Visual navigation interface: accurate positioning of detection position

    Simulating color: Better View Inspection Image


    Automatic ON/OFF X-RAY light tube batch inspection of samples

    With 90KV Hamamatsu X-RAY light tube, the detection accuracy reaches 5um

    High resolution digital X-RAY tablet, 1536*1536px image is clearer

    Geometry magnification 200x, system magnification 1000x

    510*510mm stage can accommodate a large number of samples of various sizes

    Semi-automatic NG/OK product inspection

    Allow 60°~120° oblique observation

    Product acessories
    ① Microfocus X-ray source

    Japan‘s Hamamatsu X-RAY light tube (HAMAMATSU) has a life span of up to 15000H, 90KV light tube
    is more commonly used in general-purpose X-RAY equipment, providing it with 5um accuracy.

    ② Digital HD X-RAY flat panel detection


    ①Real-time image acquisition
    ②Real-time image correction to provide high-quality images
    ③ Passive cooling device
    ④Built-in temperature sensor can display the working temperature in real time
    ⑤ A variety of different gain gear PGA + BINNING combined working mode.

    Defection and application:
    pcba chip inspection

    Technical parameter



    X-ray Light tube type

    Closed type

    Spatial resolution


    Light tube voltage

    90KV(optional 100、130KV)

    Light tube current



    Geometry magnification 200x, system magnification 1000x

    Digital Flat Panel Detector Resolution


    Digital Flat Panel Detector Density Values


    Image speed


    Plate rotation angle


    Platform loading size


    Radiation Safety Tested

    <1 uSV/H

    Power-supply/ Rated power

    AC110-220V50-60HZ 1700W

    Machine size

    1500 ×1500 ×2100mm (L*W*H)

    Machine weight


    Operating system

    WINDOWS 10

    1.X-ray source: The machine is equipped with an X-ray source, which emits X-rays that penetrate the PCBA to form an image of the internal structure.
    2.X-ray Detector: A high-resolution X-ray detector captures the transmitted X-rays after they pass through the PCBA. Such detectors are critical to pro-
       ducing clear and detailed images.
    3. Robot System: The DH-X8 usually has a robot system that can move and rotate for betering observing the PCBA during inspection. This movement
       allows the PCBA to be inspected from multiple angles, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
    4.Software Interface: The machine is controlled through software that manages X-ray setup, image acquisition, processing and analysis. The software
       interface is user-friendly and provides defect detection and analysis tools.
    5. Inspection mode: It usually provides various inspection modes, such as automatic inspection of known defects, manual inspection with detailed anal-
        ysis, and 2D reconstruction with advanced imaging.

    6. Defect Detection Algorithm: The DH-X8 uses a sophisticated algorithm for defect detection, including solder joint analysis, component placement ver-
        ification, void detection, and wire bond inspection.
    7. Safety Features: X-ray safety features are integrated into the machine to ensure operator safety and compliance with regulatory standards regarding
        X-ray equipment.
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