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CUP using BGA machine case

Time:2018-08-31 Views:903
China University of Petroleum (Beijing) is abbreviated as China Petroleum University (CUP), directly under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.
It is among the first batch of “Project 211” and the first batch of “world-class discipline construction universities”, Beijing The member universities of the Alliance of High-tech
Universities and the World Energy University Alliance are selected as the 985 Engineering Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform, the "111 Plan", the Excellent Engineer
Education and Training Program, the National Construction High-level University Public Postgraduate Project, the New Engineering Research and Practice Project, and the
Chinese Government Scholarship. The host university for overseas students in China has a graduate school. It is a national key university with distinctive petroleum characteristics,
engineering-oriented, and coordinated development of multiple disciplines. It is known as the "cradle of petroleum talents."

BGA packages benefit from their small size and large storage space, and are widely used in various technological products and fields. It has become the most indispensable part
of people‘s daily life, and various universities have also launched professional courses related to BGA packaging, and have trained a group of scientific and technological talents
in the field of science and technology.

However, due to its small size, the BGA packaging method has very high requirements for solder joints. If the solder joints have problems such as empty soldering, virtual soldering, etc.,
it will directly cause the BGA package to fail. How to improve the reliability of BGA solder joints requires reliable BGA rework station equipment. China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
combines theory and practice in order to allow students to better learn the principles and techniques of BGA packaging. Specially introduced Dinghua BGA rework station as teaching
equipment to provide students with professional teaching courses, so that these future scientific and technological talents can master more comprehensive BGA packaging knowledge.