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DH-5880 latest BGA rework station

DH-5880 New BGA rework station designed in 2022

With laser position for chip quickly placing at its right space,seel-mesh for IR preheating area covering for protecting
operator from being injured, or components dropping inside.

Vacuum pen for chip picking up after desoldering

Emergency stop key is working for 3 heating area temperatures‘ heating controlled once there is emergent sistuation.

Controllable temperatures are critical factors for sucessfully rework, upper, lower and bottom heating can be independently
working, as motherboards have different sizes and chips etc. 

                BGA rework station DH-5880, designed in 2022, works for various of chips

    PID screw type and smart temperature controlling

    Temperatrues, time and rate can be set on its touchscreen

    The BGA machine‘s features 

    Rated power  5500W
    Upper heater 1200W
    Lower heater 1200W
    IR preheating area 3000W (IR area extended for a bigger motherboards)
    Positioning  V-groove for regular motherboards, universal fixtures for irregular PCBa, PCB-stand carrying a PCB can be movable for a right position to be heated
    Temperature controlling K-type thermocouple, closed-loop and PID
    Temperature accuracy +/- 2 ℃
    Min chip spacing 0.15mm
    External temperature ports 4 pcs 
    Dimension 500*600*700mm
    Net weight 38kg

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